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Georgetown University Entrance Road Project Washington, D.C.
Archaeological Assessment and Phase I Survey for the U.S. National Park Service,
Georgetown University and the Federal Highway Administration

Georgetown University, in conjunction with the Federal Highway Administration and the Department of the Interior, National Park Service, undertook a final environmental impact statement project at the Canal Road Entrance to Georgetown University. The purpose of this project is to create a traffic pattern at this entrance which can accommodate all the vehicular traffic to and from the University while not impeding the through traffic on Canal Road.

A preliminary archaeological assessment was undertaken for the entire six acre impact area. The complicated urban landscape and the multitude of ownership changes made the project a complex one. Additionally, the landscape of the project area has been significantly altered during the past 250 years.

The prehistoric archaeological assessment was conducted using data from previously surveyed and identified sites in the vicinity and from research conducted using District of Columbia site files.

The historic archaeological potential was assessed by first conducting a title search of all the individual lots which make up the project area. The impact of this project on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, which borders the south side of the site, was assessed as well. Nineteenth century house foundations and the construction staging area for canal construction were identified as potentially significant archaeological sites.

Following completion of the assessment, a Phase I archaeological survey was undertaken in the area of historic house foundations along the C & O Canal. More than 6000 artifacts were recovered from this excavation.

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